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The Bastards

Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards are a Piano Rock band from Oklahoma City. Johnny Manchild met the Bastards while studying at the University of Central Oklahoma. Looking to further his songwriting and perform, Johnny quickly brought the Bastards together. Johnny Manchild bashes the piano, microphone, and basically anything he touches; Chris Lashley shreds and soothes on the guitar; Ethan Neel grooves on the drums; James Thompson man-handles the bass; Logan From finesses the sax; Ben Wood and Danny McGinn terrorize and tranquilize your ears with the trumpets.

His notes are clean and precise, but his inflections channel a fiery angst that comes straight from his passionate gut. The music of Johnny Manchild will keep listeners on their toes.
— Evan Jarvicks, Cellar Door Music Blog
This guy sounds like he drinks craft beer. I bet he wears sunglasses indoors.
— Jason Ellis, Faction on Sirius XM
Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards definitely get my vote as one of the more bold bands to emerge out of Oklahoma City in years.
— Nathan Poppe, The Oklahoman/Blogger